While in-person events recognizing Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary were postponed or held virtually, energy efficiency steps can be taken every day.

We know you’re already driving your car less.

Stuck at home with a little more time? Consider tackling an energy efficiency project or two. Not only can these energy saving tips help keep your home healthy and comfortable, they will drive immediate savings to your utility bill.

Hardware stores remain open allowing the purchase of materials so, dust off that home energy assessment report and tackle a few DIY projects. (Of course, take precautions and practice social distancing when visiting the hardware store.) These might include:

Additional ways to honor Earth Day Every Day and save energy…

  • Always turn off lights when you leave a room (regardless of how long you’ll be gone)
  • Choose a slow cooker/instant pot over cooking on the stovetop or oven
  • Clean your refrigerator coils
  • Set your hot water heater to 120°F
  • Hot tub sitting idle? Turn heat down to 85°F
  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan (clockwise in the winter to bring warm air down & counter-clockwise in the summer to cool the room)
  • Turn off heat tape at all breakers
  • Wash clothes in cool or cold water
  • Place clothes on a drying rack rather than running the clothes dryer

Looking for education tools for the kids?

The ENERGY STAR kids portal has energy and environment-related facts and activities for children. The “Parents and Teachers” section offers lesson plans and activity books for your homeschooling needs.

Colorado State University Extension has developed a clean energy curriculum for middle and high school students. Or download their entire Saving Energy in My Home coloring and activity book.


Have a larger project you now have time to consider, but not quite sure how to pay for it? A good option available to Colorado homeowners is the RENU loan program established by Colorado Energy Office. This loan program is designed to provide low-interest financing for energy efficiency upgrades.

Ready to do more?

Click on your utility provider to view additional energy efficiency tips recommended by your utility company.

Energy Smart Colorado transforms the local energy efficiency market and stimulates home and business energy improvements through access to information, capital and a skilled workforce. 



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