Date:October 03, 2014

Martin Family: Insulation and Air Sealing Leads to Savings


Frisco Residents: The Martins

Home Assessment Findings: Many energy saving opportunities were identified through the Energy Smart Home Energy Assessment. The front room of the home was especially uncomfortable for the Martins. Insulation and Air Sealing in the basement and ceiling was the top priority for the home.

Energy Efficiency Project: The Martins worked closely with Kevin Berg who performed a comprehensive assessment of the home and then advised the Martins on the most cost-effective steps to take, as well as available rebates. Kevin then reached out to About Saving Heat, one of Summit County’s Energy Smart home performance contractors, to complete the work. They added R-24 blown cellulose insulation to the ceiling and R-21 blown fiberglass to the floor. Overall, they achieved a 34% reduction in air leakage.

Resource Savings:  The staff at HC3 have calculated the Martins energy savings to be about $400/year.

Benefit: After the completion of the insulation and air sealing project, the Martins are more comfortable in their home – especially the front room!

“HC3 was so helpful. Without their skilled advice and reassurance, we might not have seen this important work through.” — Cindy Martin

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