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The Romer Family: Home Improvement is for Everyone!

Eagle-Vail Residents:  Chris, Stacey & Kylah Romer Home Assessment Findings:  Leaks at the doors and windows, not enough attic insulation, and cos
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Wolf Mueller: Making Everyone’s Lives Warmer!

Vail Resident: Wolfe Mueller Home Assessment Findings: The energy assessment of his 6-unit multi-family building found problems in the crawlspace – co
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Willie Volckhausen: From Carbon Monoxide Danger to Monthly Savings

Aspen Resident:  Willie Volckhausen, Woody Creek Home Assessment Findings:  A carbon monoxide alarm went off multiple times, leading Willie to get an
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Phyllis Mattice: A Tight Home is a Clean, Comfortable Home

Eagle County Resident: Phyllis Mattice, Blue Lake Motivation: When Phyllis first bought her home about 7 years ago, she made some initial efficiency a
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Energy Smart Financing

  • Loans as low as $500 for small projects and up to $25,000
  • Fixed interest rates starting at 2.75%
  • No money down
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Pay back your loan with energy savings

What They Say

  • We’d highly recommend the Energy Smart Program. We added attic insulation & sealed our windows and doors, both cost effective solutions to improve the comfort of our home. The cost savings on our energy bills was an added bonus.”
    Chris & Stacey Romer, Homeowners
  • When you think about the life expectancy of the LED bulb being 25,000 hours instead of 2,000 for a normal incandescent, and a 1/6 of the energy use, the savings add up quickly.” 
    Russell White, Moe's Original BBQ
  • I feel very connected with the resources that I need and feel comfortable contacting Energy Smart to ask  ‘dumb’ questions."
    Kristina Herrin, Energy Smart Participant
  • The best part is when we get the first and second months electric bills and they are nearly half of what they were."
    Elevation Lighting, Energy Smart Participant

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