Access to capital through loan programs.


Alpine Bank also offers Green Lending programs including home equity or line of credit loans as well as reduced interest rate loans for electric vehicle purchases.


Additionally, USDA also offers housing repair loans and/or grants to help repair, improve, or modernize your home. Loans up to $20,000 are available at a 1% interest rate with a 20-year term. Grants are available for homeowners 62 years or older and are for health and safety issues.

Individuals must own and occupy your home and meet income and credit requirements to be eligible.

These USDA loans can be made for repairs such as roof replacements, plumbing, heating and electrical work, weatherization, adding accessibility features, flooring and other improvements.


Financing is available to provide funds for your home energy upgrades.

The Colorado Residential Energy Upgrade (RENU) Loan program is a statewide residential loan program sponsored by the Colorado Energy Office, in partnership with Elevations Credit Union. It makes home energy upgrades easy and affordable by offering low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.

Colorado RENU Loan Terms:

  • Loans from $500 to $50,000
  • No money down
  • Finance up to 100% of project costs
  • Interest rates start at 2.75%
  • Borrowers approved with minimum credit score of 580
  • No pre-payment penalties

Eligible projects (minimum efficiency requirements apply) include:

  • Space heating & cooling
  • Insulation & air sealing
  • Water heating
  • Energy analysis & monitoring
  • Windows & doors
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Lighting
  • Solar PV and solar thermal

Are you eligible?

  • You own the home that will be undergoing energy efficiency or renewable energy upgrades. It can be a primary, secondary, or income property.
  • Projects must be completed by an authorized RENU contractor. Visit the RENU website for a list of authorized contractors.

Visit Elevations Credit Union to apply for the loan or call 800.429.7626.

For questions about the loan program or to become an authorized contractor, contact Jeffrey King at the Colorado Energy Office at 303.866.2259.

Additional clean energy loan providers in Colorado

Clean Energy Credit Union offers personal home clean energy lending, including secured and unsecured loans, and lines of credit to members of the credit union. 1 to 20 year loans range from $1,000 to $90,000.

Colorado Clean Energy Fund offers a Clean Energy Affordable Housing Fund for multifamily and single family residential units serving occupants at 120% AMI. Eligible projects include improvements that result in reduced utility costs, reduced GHG emissions, increased electrification or electrification-readiness or an increase in Solar PV. Up to $1 Million in loans at a fixed rate not to exceed 2.5%. Loan terms up to 5 years.

US Bank offers a variety of options, including lines of credit and personal loans for solar project and home improvement financing.

Additionally, EnergySage provides guidance on solar financing. FAQs on solar loans and leases, secured and unsecured loans are answered.

Energy Smart Colorado transforms the local energy efficiency market and stimulates home and business energy improvements through access to information, capital and a skilled workforce. 



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