Energy Smart Assessment for Your Home

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The Assessment is the first step to improving the comfort, safety and efficiency of your home.

Why Sign Up for an Energy Assessment?

1. Learn about your home:
Every home is different. The Home Energy Assessment provides a comprehensive report outlining opportunities for energy improvements that are specific to your home.
2. Qualify for rebates or the Energy Efficiency Mortgage:
Some rebates require an assessment for eligibility purposes.
3. Make sure your family is safe:
During the assessment, the analyst will complete safety testing to test the air quality of your home. They will test for carbon monoxide and radon (depending on your location).
4. Receive free quick-fixes:
Your analyst may install “quick-fixes” that could include efficient lights, a programmable thermostat, bath or kitchen faucet aerators, low flow showerheads, pipe wrap, or a water heater blanket.
5. Do your part for the environment:
Buildings in the United States are the single largest emitter of carbon emissions. Your assessment report will provide you with information you need to improve the efficiency of your home, creating a more comfortable, affordable and efficient home.

What to Expect During Your Assessment

A Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy analyst will visit your home and complete a number of tests including:
  • A blower door test and infrared photo analysis to analyze air leakage in the home
  • Combustion safety analysis to test for gas leaks
You are not required to be home for the entirety of the Assessment, but you are encouraged to be. Depending on the heating source of your home and square footage, your assessment should take 2 to 4 hours.
Quick Fixes: Depending on your utility provider, you may receive up to $100 worth of “quick fix” items, energy conservation measures to help you save energy right away. These items vary based on the owner’s desire and the household need, and may include the following--at no extra charge to the homeowner:
  • A programmable thermostat
  • LED light bulbs
  • Hot and cold water pipe insulation
  • One hot water tank insulation blanket
  • Kitchen or bath faucet aerators
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Door weatherstripping for up to 2 doors


The Home Energy Assessment is valued at up to $400. The cost of the Assessment varies depending on your location and utility provider, and your local Energy Smart Colorado office and/or utility partner may partially subsidize the cost.
  • If you are a resident of Summit, Eagle, Garfield (in the Roaring Fork Valley), Pitkin, or Lake County, you can receive an Assessment for only $100.
  • If you are an Atmos Energy customer, outside of these counties, you can receive a Home Energy Assessment for just $150.
  • Anyone else can still receive the Energy Smart Home Energy Assessment. Even without subsidies, it is a great value.
  • Homes above 3,000 square feet or mechanically complex homes will incur additional costs. This amount is typically 5 cents per square foot over 3,000 square feet and 10 cents per square foot over 6,000.
  • Customers pay their analyst directly. They accept either cash or check.

What to Expect After Your Assessment

Comprehensive Report: Two to four weeks after your assessment, you will receive a detailed report that outlines the current condition of your home and a list of recommended improvements. You will receive your report via email, unless you request a hard copy to be mailed to you.
Advice: An Energy Advisor will follow up with you to review your report and to provide information on available rebates for your recommended upgrades.

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