Let’s save as much as we can for your business until your doors open again.

Employees may be working from home and your business doors may be temporarily closed.

No need to spend more on unnecessary utility costs.

Consider these tips for the unoccupied building:

  • Set Building Automated Systems (BAS) to unoccupied (especially in schools and buildings that are completely empty)
  • Turn down thermostats in unoccupied rooms
  • Unplug idle equipment (computers, monitors, electronics, microwaves, coffeemakers, etc.)
  • Put 24/7 lighting on vacancy sensors
  • Turn off heat tape at all breakers
  • Turn off snowmelt systems
  • Turn off breakers on items such as walk-in coolers that are empty (but keep the cooler door open to prevent mold from building)
  • Turn off the animation (are exterior speakers playing music? are neon signs still plugged in and turned on?)

Year-round energy efficiency tips:

After the “great pause” might your business…

  • Allow employees to work from home (even just one day a week) to lessen emissions
  • Use Zoom (or other online meeting platforms) for more “in-person” meetings to lessen car/air travel (and the resulting emissions)
  • Commit to buying products locally, again to lessen emissions on delivery

Click on your utility provider to view additional energy efficiency tips recommended by your utility company.

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